The ST400 star tracker is aimed at microsatellite systems. With doubled attitude determiniation accuracy and improved radiation tolerance compared to its little brother, the ST200, it enables more demanding missions.

The ST400 is prepared to accept very narrow sun-exclusion angle baffles, which Hyperion Technologies can supply on demand. The dedicated RS422/RS485 interface allows networking multiple ST400’s, which combined with narrow sun-exclusion angle baffles means that even for the most complex satellite and orbit geometries, there will always be a configuration that works.

The ST400 has been qualified for man-rated missions since October 2013 and has flight heritage since Q4 2015.

The ST400 is a co-development with our partner Berlin Space Technologies.


  • Accuracy: 10 arcseconds (3-sigma)
  • Update rate: 5 Hz
  • RS422/RS485 bidirectional interface
  • Power consumption: 700 mW (nominal)
  • Mass: 280 g
  • Supply voltage: 4.5V – 15.5V
  • Various suitable baffle options are available on demand


The ST400 Star Tracker has flown on one mission which launched in 2015.

The TRL of the ST400 is at 9.

Our Star Trackers of the ST400 series are compatible with a standard baffle with a 40 sun exclusion angle (half angle). Other exclusion angles are available on request.

As a default our ST200 comes with a TTL UART interface. An RS422 interface is also available.

Our Engineering models, including the baffles, undergo collimation in air, whereas flight models are tested in vacuum. Both models undergo workmanship testing at different levels.

We offer acceptance testing of the Flight Model as well as qualification testing.