The SS200 is a small-size, light-weight and low power sun sensor for use in CubeSats.

One of SS200’s features is that the sampling rate can be adjusted by the customer to suit their needs. The benefits are two-fold: higher sampling rates can be achieved when necessary at a temporary increase in power consumption, while when low sampling rates suffice, power consumption can be optimized. The SS200 can be seamlessly integrated with Hyperion Technologies’ line of integrated attitude  determination and control systems.


  • Mass: 3 g
  • Power consumption (active): 2.5 – 40 mW
  • Sampling rate up to: 100 Hz
  • Accuracy (+/- 45°) (1-σ): <0.3°
  • Total field-of-view: 110°
  • I2C-compatible interface


The Sun sensor SS200 has been flying on several missions ever since 2018.

The TRL of the SS200 is at 9.

All our SS200 are Flight Models. You may use them as Engineering models.

We offer acceptance testing of the Flight Model as well as qualification testing.