The IM200 is a versatile imager, based on the ST200 Star Tracker platform. With a dedicated high-speed USB2.0 interface, the IM200 is capable of capturing 5 frames per second at full resolution.

The large internal buffer allows for storing up to 25 full-frame images, which can be compressed into JPEG’s for fast previewing. The CPU power allows for real-time processing of the images, allowing use of the IM200 as a target-tracking imager, a docking camera or an inspection camera.

With its small form factor and low mass it allows for enormous flexibility and a wide range of applications.


  • 4 Mpixel imager (2048×1944)
  • RGB or monochrome versions available
  • Local image buffer storing up to 25 full frame images
  • JPEG compressor generating previews or full image results
  • Image processing capability
  • 16 mm F1.2, 25 mm F2.0, 35 mm F2.0 or 50 mm F2.0 lens


The IM200 has flown on one mission since 2019. Since the IM200 is a modified version of the Hyperion ST200 Star Tracker, which has flown on 14 missions since 2015, the IM200’s flight heritage can be considered somewhat higher.

The TRL of the IM200 is 9.

The IM200 is available with a USB2.0 as well as a TTL interface.

We offer an IDC connector with ribbon cable, a Hirose DF13 connector and a D-Sub connector with this product.

The IM200 is available in an RGB version and a monochrome version.

All Hyperion IM200 are Flight models. You may use them as Engineering models.

We offer acceptance testing and qualification testing for the IM200.