The iADCS400 matches the ST200 star tracker with Hyperion’s RW400-series of reaction wheels, as well as the MTQ400 series of magnetorquers. Combined with Berlin Space Technologies’ flight-proven control algorithms, it offers an entirely autonomous attitude control system, in the space of 5 standard CubeSat PCB’s, taking up 0.7U in terms of volume. With the help of the RW400-series of reaction wheels, it is capable of precisely pointing and slewing 6 to 12U CubeSats, or platforms with similar moments of inertia.

It features a host of operating modes, chief among which is the target tracking mode, which allows users to enter lattitude and longitude of a point on Earth, after which the system will orient a pre-defined instrument-side towards that target, following it until it has passed the local horizon.

Like all other integrated systems by Hyperion Technologies, the iADCS400 is stack-through, allowing users to place it anywhere in their satellite.


  • Fully integrated, fully autonomous ADCS, capable of precisely pointing and slewing 6-12U CubeSats or similar.
  • Full three axis control, featuring 3 RW400 series reaction wheels and three MTQ400 series magnetorquers
  • Integrated ST200 star tracker, offering 30 arcsecond 3-sigma determination accuracy
  • Interface for additional external star tracker
  • Primary I²C command interface. Optional RS422, RS485 or CAN interface.
  • Low power: ~2.0 W nominal. Optional power tuning ability.
  • Optional: Integrated low drift IMU, allowing for longer periods of sun-blinding
  • Optional: integrated OBC/Payload data processor (HT-CP400.85 or similar)


The iADCS400’s individual components have flight heritage ever since 2017. The complete iADCS400 is planned to launch with a client.   

The TRL of the iADCS200 is 7.

We have currently three reaction wheels of the RW400 available for the iADCS400, with different momentum storage, ranging from 15 mNms, 30 mNms to 50 mNms. If you are unsure which wheel fulfils your requirements best, please talk to us. We can recommend you the optimal wheel for your mission.

Yes, the iADCS400 easily integrates an external Star Tracker, Sun Sensors, GNSS receivers and Gyros.

Flight models undergo workmanship testing before being delivered and collimation in vacuum. The parts of the iADCS EM contain EM parts, such as Star Tracker, Reaction wheels; the FM contains only Flight models of these parts. 

We offer acceptance testing of the Flight Model as well as qualification testing.