The iACS200 series attitude control systems are low power, fully integrated attitude control systems, aimed at small satellites with a 3U CubeSat form factor or similar.

Equipped with three MTQ series magnetorquers or additionally with three RW210 series reaction wheels this unit offers powerful actuation capability to your platform. An interfaces for six external sun sensors turn the unit into a fully capable attitude determination and control system.

The iACS200 features an internal fire-and-forget controller, which frees up the host processor’s workload, providing several attitude control modes.

With the PC104 compatible footprint and a volumetric envelope of 0.3U the system can be placed anywhere in the CubeSat stack.


  • Up to 1 A.m² of magnetic dipole moment
  • Interfaces for six external sun sensors
  • Fire-and-forget control
  • Built-in pointing modes
  • Mass: 260 g
  • Best suited for 3U systems
  • Optional: Three RW210 series reaction wheels


The iACS200 has gathered flight heritage on two missions and has been flying ever since 2017.

The TRL of the iACS200 is 9.

We offer the iACS200 with either only the magnetic control algorithms or all control algorithms.

Yes, you can easily upgrade the iACS with up to three reaction wheels of the Hyperion RW210 series.

Flight models undergo workmanship testing before being delivered. In case the iACS is equipped with reaction wheels, the EM would contain EM reaction wheels, the FM would contain FM reaction wheels.

We offer acceptance testing for the Flight model as well as qualification testing.