The GNSS 200 series global navigation receiver is a low mass, low power GNSS receiver for use in small satellites. It is designed specifically for use in CubeSat platforms, and small enough to fit almost any system.

It integrates seamlessly into the Hyperion Technologies iADCS-series of attitude determination and control systems as well as the iACS series of attitude control systems.


  • Multi-constellation receiver
  • Active or passive antenna compatible
  • Tracking rate: > 10 Hz
  • Time to first fix: < 90 s
  • TTL UART interface
  • In-orbit position accuracy: < 8 m


The GNSS-200 is successfully flying, since 2018, on five missions, among them being the Move-2 satellite as well as Hiber-1 and Hiber-2.

The TRL of the GNSS200 is 9.

All Hyperion GNSS200 are Flight models. You may use them as Engineering models.

We offer acceptance testing and qualification testing for the GNSS200.