The CubeCat lasercom module enables a bidirectional space-to-ground communication link between a CubeSat and an optical ground station, with downlink speeds of up to 1 Gbps and uplink data rate of 200 Kbps. Using optical communication circumvents tedious radio licensing procedures and enables high performing payloads on small platforms.

The module is designed according to the size, mass and power constraints inherent to small satellites of the nanosat class and is compatible with standard CubeSat platforms. Due to its built-in attitude determination and control error compensation system, it allows for relaxed requirements on the host satellite ADCS.

Furthermore, it has an on-board data management system, featuring a large data storage buffer, and built-in data coding and synchronization. This makes the Cubecat module a plug-and-play integrated communications subsystem.


  • Downlink data rate: 1 Gbps max
  • Uplink data rate: 200 kbps
  • Power consumption: <15W (communication active)
  • Mass: <1.33 kg
  • Volume: 1U (10x10x10 cm³)
  • 64 GB data storage buffer


The CubeCat is not flying yet. Hyperion plans having an In-Orbit-Demonstration by mid 2022 onboard Norsat-TD.

The TRL of CubeCat is currently at 7/8

The definition of the differences is still under development.

Once CubeCat is ready for the market, we will offer acceptance testing of the Flight Model as well as qualification testing.