Laser Communication at the Grenoble NewSpace week

From 14-17 May 2019, the Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG) will be hosting the Grenoble NewSpace week in beautiful Grenoble, France. Featuring a diverse conference agenda, ranging from policies to instrumentation, the world of science and industry active in the small satellite market will be enjoying an insightful four day event.

Hyperion will take the opportunity to introduce an exciting technology to the conference programme: Laser Communication for nanosatellites. As the result of a collaboration between TNO and Hyperion Technologies, this component will certainly revolutionize the status-quo of downlink and uplink rates for commercial constellations, targeting 1 Gbps in downlink.

How to meet us in Grenoble

Visitors are warmly invited to visit us at our booth in Grenoble and to attend our presentation on Thursday, 16 May at 9:45 am in the session on satellite communication, presented by Gilles Ackaert.

Learn more about the event

For more information on the Grenoble NewSpace week, please visit the website of the event.