Join us at the 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days

Copyright: ESA

The ESA CubeSat Industry Days are an ideal opportunity to discover how ESA missions are currently or planning to use and support CubeSat missions. Taking place from 4-6 June in Hyperion’s “neighbourhood” town of Noordwijk, Netherlands, we are looking forward to an exciting three days at the ESTEC premises.

Welcome to our booth

Located right at the entrance of the event venue with the Hyperion booth, you will have the opportunity to engage with our local experts on miniaturised nanosat components. Prepare yourself to see the latest additions to the Hyperion portfolio and learn about the development status of the Laser Communication Terminal for CubeSats.

Let us inspire you in the conference

Of course, the main event evolves around an interesting and insightful conference programme. Bert Monna, CEO of Hyperion, will be second up after the opening of the programme on 4th of June with his presentation on “How laser communication will change the CubeSat market” starting at 9:15 am in room Newton, in the session on Industry CubeSat Subsystems, Products and Technologies 1.