D-Orbit’s first ION satellite carrier mission has launched

The night of 3 September 2020 at 3:51 am CEST saw the first D-Orbit ION Satellite Carrier, #ionscvlucas, launched upon Arianespace’s Vega SSMS PoC Flight! This is the first of many CubeSat deployers being developed by D-Orbit.

This free-flying CubeSat dispenser, the first of many being developed by D-Orbit is home to a 1U CubeSat propulsion module we produced together with Dawn Aerospace. It hitched a ride to space alongside a few Planet Earth Observation satellites.

The launch marks a significant milestone in compliance for the world of 3D printed space hardware. This was the first ECSS compliant 3D printed bi-propellant propulsion system to be allowed to be launched to space.

All safety and compliance procedures were satisfied to European Space Agency standards by CNES.

“It’s typically very hard to get propulsion onboard rideshare systems,” said Stefan Powell, Dawn Aerospace CTO. “This shows we can make these units pass all the rules of one of the world’s largest launch providers and get them to space onboard rideshare missions. It has defined new precedence.”

Steven Engelen, CTO at Hyperion Technologies added:

“After five years of development, we are very excited to see the PM200 in space. It marks the beginning of a new era of small satellite mobility.”