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D-Orbit’s first ION satellite carrier mission has launched Successful launch of Vega VV16 Meet Hyperion at the SmallSat Conference. Online and worldwide. Gigabits from space – TNO and Hyperion commercialise Ground Detector Kick-off for a new power system for small satellites Hyperion in Bremen at SpaceTech Expo Europe Meet Hyperion at IAC in Washington Indian-Dutch partnership on 75 student satellites Hyperion at TADTE Trade Fair in Taiwan Meet Hyperion at the SmallSat Conference World’s first 1U Attitude and Orbit Control System, HiberDrive, hits the global CubeSat market Hyperion at Satellite Constellations Workshop in Scotland Shaping the future of small satellites Join us at the 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days Hyperion at iCubeSat in Milan Laser Communication at the Grenoble NewSpace week Meet us at the IAA Symposium in Berlin