Adding MA61C to Hyperion’s components

Hyperion Technologies and the German start-up SPiN signed a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate Hyperion’s components and SPiN’s multipurpose adapter, called MA61C. The collaboration enables SPiN’s platform users to easily integrate Hyperion’s products.

MA61C is the first satellite subsystem adapter with plug-and-play functionality that allows connecting any satellite subsystem with the main on-board computer without installing any additional software or adapting hardware connectors. It adapts and integrates existing standard connectors and software.

Bert Monna, CEO of Hyperion, was very pleased with the start of the collaboration: “Selecting the right components that fit the mission is crucial for cost reduction and quick developments for any satellite. The SPiN multi-purpose adapter allows satellite integrators to combine components from various manufacturers. We gladly contribute to these developments by making our components available to the SPiN platform users.”

SPiN & Hyperion Memorandum of Understanding to integrate MA61C

(from left to right) Saish Sridharan, Co-Founder of SPiN; Ran Qedar, CEO of SPiN, Bert Monna, CEO of Hyperion Technologies

In the coming months, both companies will perform a number of tests to confirm quality standards, ease of use and technical integration.

For more information about MA61C visit the SPiN website.